Can you become a manager after playing SimCity or Theme Hospital?

I have always loved to play strategic games. Games like Civilization, SimCity or Theme Hospital, or even soccer manager games were always one of my favorite. There is couple reasons for that, these games always were able to keep me in front of computer for hours because of opportunities they were giving me; they let me become a gubernator, or a manager of a big business. This is something that never happens in the real word in the case of a teenager.  Furthermore, these games are based on multiple Gee principles, such as the “Psychosocial Moratorium” Principle, which means that I could take risk, which in real life I would never take. Because of that, I could make risky managing decisions; also you usually don’t get all achievements and honors if you are just one of many managers who always play it safe.

These games seem to have a lot of concepts included from the business world. I think that these games could be used in the introduction to financial courses in college or high school to teach students about basic managing strategies. Also, I think that this way of learning would be more entertaining and involving than learning concepts from a book or getting the New York Times to read about someone else’s successes or failures; why wont you try on your own in virtual world. I remember that my into to finance was pretty much entertaining but the most fun part of the class was playing a virtual stock market game based on the real stock market values. However, since I am not a business major, it is hard to tell me without doing deeper research if my assumptions are correct and if we could really use these games or their modified versions to teach students about the principles of financial investments, and decisions making.

Maybe some business major students would like to say something more about this subject?

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