Wrong Category?

I think most of you will agree with me that the popularity of educational video games is very low compared to regular video games. Of course there are many reasons for that. One of them might be the lack of learning principles, or their wrong implementation, like the game on Nintendo DS that was presented on the first day of class that was basically an excel spreadsheet, not an entertaining math related game. However, I am more optimistic and I think that most of the educational games are not as bad and indeed there are many good games. So, if there are many good games then where is the problem, why are these games not so popular?

Well first of all, I think that there are some good educational games that are not called educational games, but might be called strategic games, such as Settlers, that teach you what humans need to do in order to survive, and how to get it. Second of all, I am not able to give a really good example of educational games that I would love to play that are defined as educational games. The reason for that is very simple; I never look at the games in this category. Why would I play a game for educational reasons when I go to school everyday for most of my life? When I go to the game store I am looking for something entertaining that does not have anything related at least in a title with school, because this game should give me a break from school. And this is where I can get to my point. The category of games called educational should be renamed or kept only for developers in order to make these games more popular. I bet that there are many students who will never tell their peers that they play educational games just because they might look like losers in the eyes of their colleagues. In some subcultures it just might not be seen as something positive that you are playing a game from a category that should teach you something, and that’s why people from this subcultures might be avoiding educational games.

These are just my random thoughts after going to AppStore in order to look for some cool games, and realizing that I would never look for them at the section designated for educational games, because how could they be fun?!


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