Can Facebook become the best learning platform?

Recently, I have been wondering what could be the best platform for educational games. I was thinking about gaming systems such as Xbox or Playstation. Gaming systems offer probably the best graphic experience since they are strictly designed for games, yet I don’t think they can simply do everything. However, their biggest advantage is also their biggest disadvantage. To generate this great graphic experience you need to be a developer and have some serious knowledge about programming for these systems; also to satisfy everyone, one needs to master every single gaming system which is on the market. For these reasons, I think, gaming systems are not a good platform because small developers such as students with brilliant ideas have less chance to be successful.

My next thought was about portable devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and Smartphones. These devices are great because we can carry them around and use them almost all the time in many of different situations. Furthermore, their situation looks better than in the case of the gaming systems; you don’t need to be a big developer with numbers of programmers and money to release your own game. However, there is still a problem of multiplatform compatibility. The game written for iOS needs to be rewritten for an Android since they use different programming languages.

Then I though about, I think, the best way of distribution, writing games as Facebook applications. Most of the students have Facebook accounts and visit them regularly. This solves the problem of access to certain gaming platforms since one can open Facebook on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms such as Playstation, since it simply does everything, Xbox and many others. It is simpler to develop since the programmer has to write just one code that should work on all of these machines. Finally, the game has a big chance of success since its released on a big market. The only problem is whether or not people will be able to stay focused on playing the game on Facebook, while being on Facebook?


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  1. elton1
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 17:23:27

    Some food for thought:

    1) Gaming PCs are far more powerful than gaming consoles (when you think about it, they are way more expensive anyways!)

    2) Facebook games are all written in Flash (which won’t work with most smartphones), which is not ubiquitous among operating systems.

    So although I agree with you about needing to simplify game development so that it is more universal. We do have hope with HTML5, the next iteration of the browser language. All computer systems (this includes Xbox, PSIII, etc.) have the ability to read HTML.


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