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While browsing the day’s current events, I came across an interesting article about video games being considered art.  It’s a unique concept, but the CNN piece (found here), takes a broad overview of the aesthetic nature of games since the 1970s.  It’s remarkable to remember that all these changes have happened just within the past 40 years, while providing exciting possibilities for the future.  With consoles like the Kinect making games increasingly interactive, graphics and the aesthetic appeal of the experience will undoubtedly become even more important to the quality of new games.  The game mentioned in the article is Flower, one whose premise has the player purely interacting with the lush and detailed environments of that particular world.  Something like this would not have been possible even 15 years ago, which is an impressive testament to where the industry has come.  While I haven’t played Flower yet, I was intrigued at the simple but well-hyped plot enough to where I found the trailer here.  The graphics are such that I would play the game if I had a chance, even if I might not instinctively buy it.

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  1. elton1
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 17:35:17

    A few thoughts, first off: Flower is a GREAT game! It’s incredibly trippy, relaxing, and REALLY aesthetically pleasing.

    But also, Flower was one of the first games (I believe FLoW was the first one, by the same game company) to formally incorporate Mihaly’s principle of Flow into videogames. Because of this, the development of Flower focused heavily on the player enjoying the experience and having a very surreal journey (which I think added a lot to the postitive art criticism).


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