Some Thoughts on Gam[bl]ing

Over spring break, I had the chance to go on a week-long cruise.  One of the main attractions to other vacationers was the casino, conveniently located in the center of the ship.  After walking around and observing what was going on, I started thinking about how these games inspired motivation in their players.  Of course, this kind of entertainment can lead to serious gambling problems, but it’s clear gameplay is certainly motivating.  In thinking about Gee’s principles again, the thrills of adrenaline and excitement at playing the slot machines or Craps, or Black Jack serve to instill the Psychosocial Moratorium, what’s almost a false sense of security in this instance.  As discussed in the Perkins lecture, players learn a lot by observing more experienced individuals, such as their behavior depending on a given situation.  Some people on the cruise, such as my friends, went to the casino repeatedly throughout the week.  This serves to raise the number of other players they come into contact with, increasing their exposure to different styles of play.  It was evident to see how utilizing these and many other strategies of game play has made gambling an entire industry.

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