Temple Run


In Temple Run, the gamer takes on the role of Guy Dangerous, the adventurous avatar. He explores the ancient temple while the gamer controls his movements to avoid obstacles. Guy can jump, slide, and turn while collecting the coins. A group of monkeys runs after the gamer as they try as quickly as possible to continue the exploration. There isn’t any end goal or finish line per say. The individual player is just trying to beat his or her own score; the competition is very individualized and intrinsic.

Temple Run has become one of the most popular games in the App store. More than thirteen million people are playing at least one time a day according to the New York Times article. This is interesting because when the game first debuted for one dollar, it was not very popular. When the game became free, the popularity increased. The game became the most popular application thus becoming one of the top grossing games. The game can make money now off its popularity by having the individuals buy coins and other items to increase their game play.

In a time where multi-player gaming has become popular such as words with friends, scramble with friends, draw something it is interesting that an individual game is doing so well. Temple Run is fun, I must say. However, I think that multi-player games add a new social aspect to our technological world. I think that our world has become less social and adding games that allow you to play with your friends increases the communications. It is something that two friends can discuss or joke about when one individual wins. Playing with friends gives another facet to the friendship. Temple Run is a game that creates competition with the individual whereas the other multi-player games create competition across friends. Temple Run’s popularity came at an interesting time as it emerged amongst the popularity of multi-player games. It will be exciting to see if the popularity of Temple Run and other individual games will still remain popular with the rapid increase of multi-player games.


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