Talking about Drawsomething

We had talked about what makes games few weeks ago, such as Facebook games (Farmville, CityVille, and so on). Currently, new game called Draw Something is positioned to top 4 Facebook game. I personally think it is more fun to play on your smartphones or tablets. Anyway, to introduce what is Draw something, it is similar to Pictionary. Based on given word, one person draws and send it to the other person and the other player guesses about it. If you think about it, it is not really a game. It doesn’t have scores or leaderboards,and the players in the game aren’t actually competing against each other. They’re working together in a cooperative manner. It’s something more like a social communications app. Instead of competition, it requires cooperation.

If you think this way, then it somewhat goes back to the idea about the Farmville.  Even though it requires some competitions (such as having more items than the others), it still works fine when the players help each other (such as sending energy as a gift). Then, does it mean that in order to be a current popular game it has to do with cooperation? What makes game? Does cooperation make the game?


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  1. elton1
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 17:01:00

    I think these social media games are powered by just that: social media. The time I spend on Words with Friends is completely contingent on how relevant Words with Friends is in my social network. If I have 10 friends haggling me to hang out and play, of course I’d play! However, If I’m the only person in my network to play it, then it seems pretty pointless (unless you REALLY liked scrabble-esque games).

    This is also the reason I didn’t play Farmville. I had already played a bunch of different social medias, so I knew that Farmville didn’t have as much of the “social” aspect as I would have liked (there’s way more clicking on virtual crops).


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