Video Games and Aggression?

Last class, we talked about previous experiments where people would play a violent video game or watch a violent movie, and researchers would attempt to determine how it affected their immediate actions. In a 2010 study, research shows that violence may increase aggression long after you’ve played the game. Researchers assigned people to play certain video games, some were violent (Mortal Kombat, etc) and some were non-violent (Guitar Hero, etc). They told them to think about ways to improve their respective games, and they performed a survey to test for aggression levels.

Men who played the non-violent games showed less aggression than men who played the violent games. However, women did not show an increased level of aggression despite playing a violent video game. Researchers told the members of the study to think about their games for the next 24 hours. Men who admitted not thinking about their violent game still performed the same as men who played non-violent games. However, men who actually did think about the game showed a higher level of aggression based on test results.

Check out the article here:

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