iPad, the future of Serious Gaming?

Let’s be serious now: serious gaming has made HUGE strides in the gaming development sphere. Not only has it rapidly jumpstarted the Graphics Processing Unit market, but set the bar for acceptable games far beyond what petty flash games have provided. But there’s something very special about serious gaming: serious gamers don’t take casual gamers, especially iPad gamers seriously. And because of this attitude, there has been a divide between the two communities, at least in terms development.

With this in mind, Kotaku has recently published an argument stating that the gap between the two types of gamers is slowly dwindling down. “Deep, original games like Chaos Rings and Sword & Poker 2 have stolen quite a few hours of my time. Ports like Final Fantasy Tactics and Secret of Mana prove that even the classics can work well on touch screens.”


I think this is serious. If we can combine the quality, community, and long-term use of serious games with the attractiveness, expedience, and social networking abilities of non-serious games, I’m confident that we can create a very powerful, and more importantly, ubiquitous product. Following this, one can imagine the huge consequences that these types of games could have on education. Would it be possible to create a ubiquitous, fun, engaging, standardized, AND educational? Maybe. And if that game ever comes into fruition, we could live in a world where videogames are an extremely powerful tool for mass education.


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  1. seangordon
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 11:03:28

    I think you are right, but I must say that personally, I take a lot of issue with “serious” gaming on the iPad. I’m so used to having a tactile controller with some sort of feedback that I never feel the control scheme is accurate enough. I’ve heard Apple is developing a controller for their iPad so this might solve this problem.


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