Online Video Games

The world of social media/interaction is both a blessing and a curse – while it provides a worldwide network of communication it also has the potential for negative networking.  Chat features exist in nearly every technological application in daily use – Facebook, Gmail, even Ctools.  In New York, thousands of onlie video game accounts of registered sex offenders have been closed to prevent any more predation via online gaming chat and networks.   “A press release by the attorney general’s office noted a recent case in which a 19-year-old man from Monroe County pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 10-year-old boy he had met through the video game system Xbox Live”.  This issue does extend to an even larger debate around restricted rights on sex offenders and their ostracization in their communities, but ultimately it interferes with video game companies and has the potential for adversity to reach into this industry.  The interactive features of games are part of what can help to make them even more educationally and socially beneficial, especially debunking stereotypes of “loners” and anti-social gamers, yet the destructive behavior of some might curtail these functions.

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