Video games are good for children

I found this really interesting article today.  It is from a couple of years ago but very interesting.  The articles is all about how video games are actually good for children, and not rotting their brains as many parents may believe.  As Professor Fishman has said many times in class, there is no firm proof that playing violent video games have a negative impact on children’s behavior, contrary to fears about violent reputation of some games.  Video games actually can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking.

The article goes on to talk about how there was a study that called for schools across Europe to consider using games for educational purposes and wanted parents to take a greater interest in them.  The findings came as a surprise to supporters of tougher regulation of computer games, some of which have been blamed for influencing violent crime among children.

If you want to read about the findings, I posted the link at the top! They are quite interesting.


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  1. um8567
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 23:42:17

    It is impossible to make a blanket statement that video games are good for children. You also cannot make the blanket statement that video games are bad for children. That being said I think games can be used as a powerful tool in a child’s development. As it was stated in the article by Robert Booth “video games can stimulate learning of facts and skills such as strategic thinking, creativity, cooperation and innovative thinking, which are important skills in the information society.” This side is often ignored by the critics who hound games for their violent influences. There is no conclusive evidence that violent games lead to violent behavior. Honestly, I have been playing violent games my whole life and have never had the urge to replicate them in reality. I think a lot of the issue boils down to other factors such as parenting or where the child grows up. We are all a product of our environment and these other factors weigh much more heavily into that. If used properly video games can teach valuable lessons.
    We need to encourage the positive side of gaming. We know games can foster tangential learning that is often hard for children to come by because they are rarely interested enough in their school work. This is the type of learning that takes place most often in games based on historical events. Playing the game actually teaches a history lesson. We also know that many games provide the user facts and information that they then must use to solve a problem or puzzle. This style of applied learning is a very big part of the reason games are good teachers.


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