Angry Birds in Space

As many of you probably know, Angry Birds has now come out with their in space addition. In my opinion it’s pretty awesome. It takes Angry Birds to a whole new level providing a greater challenge to destroy those pigs who stole your eggs! In each level you have to deal with the atmosphere of the “planet” that you are on. Figuring out the new direction to send each bird to maximize the damage all leading up to three stars. Of course it is disappointing to complete a level and not get at least three stars, but at least this game allows you to keep trying and trying to improve your skill and change your tactics. In creating this new edition to the Angry Birds family, the graphics have also improved and the birds have changed appearance a bit. They have also added new elements like space, in which once out there birds have lost all of their abilities. BEWARE OF SPACE. Like all of the other Angry Birds games it is rather addicting and you will be consumed into every level, trying to figure out the best way to gain as much points as possible. I truly think this is one of the best Angry Birds creation. Hope you guys enjoy it.


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