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I’ve recently been exploring the world of gaming via my iphone and I have stumbled upon numerous games that are engaging and mentally stimulating at the same time. One of my top favorite games is Where’s my Water? The goal of this game is to get clean water to the main character Swampy the Alligator who wants to take a shower after a hard days work. This game can be challenging at times when trying to figure out the right way to lead the water. Any wrong move can damage the water, thereby making it dirty and bad for Swampy. When playing the game you wouldn’t realize that you are applying physics! Who would have known that applying physics via game would be so engaging! Because by golly I hate physics! This game provides fun at any time, rather than having to sit down at a computer or in front of your TV you’re able to take out your phone or ipad and play all you want. Here are some pictures of the game. It is ridiculously fun and everyone should try it!

Love this game!


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