Computer Science? How About Video Game Development

10 years ago, would the thought of majoring in video game development ever have crossed your mind? Most likely not because majoring in it wasn’t even an option. Today though more and more colleges are offering it as a major. An article in the LA Times described one students struggles with converting over to a video game development major. 21 year old Dhruv Thukrals was on a mission to convince his parents that video game development was a viable and lucrative career option. It was an uphill battle and I completely understand, if I were to tell my parents I was going to major in video game development they would ask me if it was April already.

Game development is an interdisciplinary art. No one person can do it all themselves. It takes artists, programmers, musicians, story tellers etc. The interest in video game development within colleges was sparked when the game industry began to match movie box office sales.

The industry is still young. What are your thoughts? Do you think video game development is a viable major at schools?

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  1. um8567
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 23:43:56

    There is definitely a ton of potential in this industry. Especially considering how new it is relative to others. Colleges and Universities are constantly trying to keep up with the times by adding new majors. It keeps both the University and it students competitive. I don’t see any reason that this would not be a successful major considering how profitable the gaming industry is and how much room it has to grow. Certain people may look down on it know while it’s in its infancy, but I would not be surprised to see the major become as mainstream as finance or engineering in the future.


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