Have Videogames and Hollywood Become the Same?

To explicate the title, it’s obvious that videogames and Hollywood are two different industries. There are clear differences between both mediums of entertainment. Nonetheless, we have seen in recent years many games deliver stories in unbelievably cinematic ways, on par with Hollywood quality story telling (think Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, or the Uncharted Series). With so many awesome characters and worlds, IGN published an interesting editorial wondering why we have not seen any crossover projects between games. They liken this idea to Who Framed Roger Rabit where we see cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny (Disney and WB working together?!). This was mostly due to Steven Spielberg’s negotiating skills. Is there even a Steven Spielberg in the video game industry? I know many non-gamers might see this as a worthless whim but to any gamer who appreciates the different personalities in the video game world and would be curious to see what happened when these world’s and narratives cross over.

Check out the site here: http://games.ign.com/articles/122/1222375p1.html

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  1. jungnahm89
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 02:19:40

    Very interesting opinion to read. In terms of story telling, I do agree that video games and Hollywoods are somewhat same. And many game developers also spend lots of times for visualization for gamers to watch. What makes it different is that some ideo games offer different stories based on users, like customized story.


  2. um8567
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 23:39:43

    There is certainly a convergence in the storytelling abilities of movie makers and game creators. Games have moved on from being purely blood and gore to having fully developed characters and plot lines that rival Hollywood. The best games out there now are the ones that tell the best stories. That’s why we see so many people upset with the ending of Mass Effect 3. They are in it for the story and most stories are only as good as their ending.
    It would be really cool if we can start to see more collaboration efforts in the industry. I would like to see Hollywood work alongside video game companies to create some live action versions of videogames. There are some like Assassins Creed that would not be too farfetched. It may be difficult to bring all characters from all over the gaming world to make cameos in one movie, but to create movies based on games is something that has been done successfully in the past. The idea of a gaming version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in Hollywood seems too hard to put together. There are glimmers of hope with the long live play ad campaign. I am however sold on the idea that videogame companies can work together to create one game that brings together different characters from similar worlds. We have seen this work with the Super Smash Bros series. The plot lines of the Halo series, Gears of War, and Mass Effect are all similar enough to bring them together. There are also a vast amount of RPGs that share plot lines close enough to create one world with all the characters.


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