$$$ > Innovation

A recent interview with the CEO of East Side Games, Jason Bailey, recently came out. His stance is that innovation is overrated and that the game developers that that don’t think so are delusional. The interview started with a discussion about his studio’s latest game and how it is a clone of several other games. Bailey said there was no controversy but it was the reality of the business.

As CEO, founder, and core shareholder, it was my money out of my pocket that built this in the first place, [and] I want to minimize risk. I look at core, compelling game components, and compulsion loops and say, ‘This works! I love this. I’d like to take this to a new level. I love Jetpack Joyride, I love Triple Town. How can I make them a little bit better?

Hm. At first it may sound controversial. It did for me. Copying the game mechanics of a game and creating a new one labeled as your own? As I thought about it however it made sense. These game studios are taking things that work and making them better. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “don’t reinvent the wheel.”

We’re not curing cancer, here! We’re making things a little bit better, we’re taking inspiration from a lot of great, creative people, and we’re building teams.” Here, Bailey grows almost indignant, and what comes next is telling. “I’m trying to build a business here, that generates revenue, that gives out paychecks, and pays people’s medical bills.

link to full interview: http://www.pocketnext.com/interviews/rebel-with-a-cause/

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