Play for College

A new type of gaming has emerged and its charter company is The basis is that student users can play trivia games against other students in a tournament style competition for a chance to win tuition money for their school. Today (April 8th), Grantoo will be hosting an online trivia tournament with students from over 40 universities. The first place prize is $2,000 in grants into their school account. Grantoo states that prizes will range from $50 to as high as $10,000 or even more. The company will require winners to donate 10% of their winnings to charity to promote giving.

Brands will like it because they can be associated with good causes, and students can have fun playing engaging poker, trivia, or Scrabble-like games” – CEO of Grantoo

They will be creating iPhone and Android versions in the Fall. They are also both a non and for profit company.

I’m not sure how this will workout to be honest since. Will it flop? What are your thoughts?

link to grantoo:


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