Rumors of new Gaming Console era?

I was recently talking with a friend about different gaming systems and which one I should invest in. What makes the most sense for my style of gameplay, etc. He told me that rumors have been circulating about the rise of new gaming consoles, the thought of getting rid of media altogether. The idea is based in which the video games would only be downloaded via XBox, PS3, etc rather than being sold in stores. The question arises….what does this mean for video game retailers? By getting rid of tangible media these businesses could eventually go out of business and not exist. More importantly what would this mean for the world of gaming and the gamers within it? There would be no such things as used video games anymore if we can’t simply put a disk in the console. How much exactly would these game cost? Would these games simply be made for each console or only for certain consoles? A lot of problems may arise from this idea of having media only being able to be purchased online. This may make it more difficult for any gamer to buy yet alone afford a video game, seeing as how the price of video games is already huge! This rumor was very intriguing and just brought up many questions. I would like to know if anyone else has any opinion about how this would change the gaming environment, purchasing of games, etc. If this approach were to happen it could be a good thing or potentially a bad thing. Let me know what you guys think!


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  1. um8567
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 23:41:08

    There is definitely a light and a dark side to this new idea of gaming consoles. There is a huge convenience factor for gamers, especially those who do not have a license to drive, to get new games. They can now just purchase directly through their gaming console. There are also slight climate change implications. This is a way for the gaming industry to go green. There will be less waste produced in the form of plastic containers for games, discs, as well as the little paper inserts that all come with the game. Making everything electronic seems to be the trending theme of many industries to reduce their carbon footprint the gaming industry is now following suit.
    Onto the dark side of this new era. This new trend takes away an entire market of jobs. Those who own and operate retail stores like Gamestop will slowly go out of business due to an inability to compete. It also means you will be not be able to borrow games from your friends anymore. It will force everybody to buy the games if they want to own them. This idea is good for the producers of videogames, but bad for consumers. The problem for us users really comes down to price. If the gaming industry knows we have no choice but to buy the games online they can charge a premium for them. There will also be no used games market to turn to for cheaper games.


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