Call of Duty: Black Ops

It is my first time playing a first person shooter game and it is amazing. It was a little difficult at first because i never used an XBox. It  has always been a Playstation 2 or 3 etc. After getting use to the controls I found out that I am very violent in the game of COD. The first day I began playing, I was running around killing people and I found joy in it. I could not stop playing the game and remained on the console for plenty of hours. I really enjoyed the online play because you are playing with experts and some people just flat-out suck…like i did when i first began playing. I died so much in less than 10 secs from spawning. I am sure my teammates were pissed at me, but who cares. However, the best way I learned was from being defeated or killed in the story mode. It is like a walk through of the game, but very helpful. If you are just so skilled, you can go to the expert level and probably die from one shot. I didn’t want to play with easiest level so I tried normal which wasnt so bad, but it was challenging. I think the challenge is what kept me engaged and wanting to pursue through each chapter. I would love to  recommend this game. I am actually anxious to go buy Modern Warfare 3 and continue my COD journey on the Xbox.

-Aquashia Anderson

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  1. jungnahm89
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 16:23:28

    After taking this course, I had a huge interest on video games. I haven’t played video games such a long time since when I was 10. Playing video games from different perspective definitely changed my mind. I learned that there are positive aspects from video games. Few weeks after this class started, I had a chance to play Call of Duty as well. I regretted a lot by not choosing this game as a project for this class. And what I find the most interesting is that the Call of Duty made me find another side of me. I didn’t know I do enjoying shooting and facing challenges.


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