Cheating on Call of Duty:Black Ops

I tried to use cheat codes and skip my way through the game. It sucks! The cheats took all the fun out of the game and made everything so boring. Imagine having cheat codes to skip through your life. Wouldn’t you have wanted to experience every phase and enjoy the journey? Of course! That is how I feel about COD. Skipping through the chapters or intel only makes me feel less accomplished. I am no longer motivated to compete with the computer. All the excitement of losing or falling short is no longer there because there are now shortcuts to avoid suffering. You learn through failure, but you cannot learn through succeeding through everything you attempt. I wasnt able to know what weapons were for specific uses or just knowing how to use them in general. My thrill of the game was lost. I do not see how people would rather cheat their way through a game or life and feel like they have honor or deserve to be recognized from their efforts, when the real question is what effort? what did you do on you own?

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