Childhood Obesity & Video Games

Childhood obesity in today’s society is larger than ever. With all the different fast foods, video games and parents being busy, the kids are not able to receive the proper nutrition. Every parent when doing a lot of running around and has their kids with them complaining that they are hungry pulls into McDonalds or the nearest fast food place to give their child a quick meal. That gives them what they want but without thinking twice about if it’s what they need. Parents nowadays are so busy that they are not home to cook dinner which leaves the children to order out or eat junk food and sit in the house all day playing video games. Without their parent being home they are not able to go outside and receive exercise, meaning the only exercise they receive is at school at recess. Is playing video games and not eating healthy causing the children to become obese?

By Tim Ingham for

Video games have been named as a main cause of obesity in the young by a World Health Organization study.

One-third of children living in different parts of the world are obese, said the study published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

It reported over 70,000 teenagers from 34 different nations are overweight or obese. It called a sedentary lifestyle – ‘spending three hours or more per day watching TV, playing computer games, or chatting with friends’ – is the main reason behind the figure.

Only 25 percent of the boys and 15 percent of the girls get enough exercise, said the report.

“With regards to physical activity levels, we did not find much of a difference between poor and rich countries,” said WHO official Regina Guthold, adding that “growing up in a poor country does not necessarily mean that kids get more physical activity.”


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  1. um8567
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 23:44:33

    I would not say video games are the main cause of childhood obesity. I think the root of the problem is the nutrition aspect of it. Especially in America never at any other point in history have we had more available for us to eat for such low prices. It is what we put into our bodies that is making us fat. It does not help that the cheapest food is also the unhealthiest. We are at a point where weight related problems are becoming the norm. Obviously poor nutrition works in conjunction with inactivity of our youth. The key to overcoming this problem is balance. I played video games all the time as a kid, but I also got involved in sports to stay active. A lot of it comes down to parenting again. Most children have very little freedom to choose what they get involved in. I know I did not have a say when I was younger. So parents have to push their kids in the right direction if we are to see any changes.


  2. video games for children
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 01:28:26

    the childhood obesity problem creates not enough the exercise to the child.that’s the real fact. i have 2 young children. your article is useful to child healthy growth. as a parents, we are expecting still more information from you.


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