Do risk-taking video games cause teenagers to act out or is something else?

Critics have been back and forth about the consequences of video games. Some say that videogames are effective in a person’s choices of being violent while others say that videogames are ineffective. Some even say that video games are positive-correlated with people. There was a website talking about video games addictions and risk-taking. The author reported that video games heighten a teenager to take risk,. it records that video games include,

  • Substance abuse
  • Reckless driving
  • Gambling
  • Risky sexual behavior

They analyzed more than 80,000 people and feel that they are sure that video games and other media are the major reasons for teenagers to be violent, but is this the truth? What about the teenagers who barely interact with media or video games and are more violent than those who do play them?

After reading this article, I’m curious to how many people think that video games and media are the number one factor to blame for teenagers taking risk?


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