Gaming Down Under

We’ve talked a lot in the past semester about how games have been adapted for use in the United States, but companies and developers in other countries are also finding ways to incorporate them into the education system.  In Australia, video games are being used for helping teach students physics at one local high school near Sydney.  Popular games like Angry Birds, Sonic Racing, and Formula 1 are all utilized more than educational ones, which aren’t as engaging.  This is a far cry from where the school (Merrylands High) was four years ago, when non-students rioted on the property.  There was not much context to that detail, but I assume that the repercussions of that instance did a lot to dampen student enthusiasm about their education.  Perhaps these games also provide ways to learn in a style that helps them stay involved in active learning, reducing the risk of delinquency or dropping out.  Overall, it’s an interesting to hear about what’s being done in this field outside America.

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