STOP! Collaborate and Listen

Learning is evolving. The days when monolithic structures filled to the brim with books dominated the college skyline. Kids don’t go to the library for books anymore. It has be come a place to meet up with friends and classmates to study. Those rows upon rows of technical books aren’t needed. Most probably haven’t been moved in years. We have wikipedia now. I’m sure most students who read this can remember at least one time they wandered the floors of the UGLi or the Dude to find open tables, study rooms, or even enough open computers to work with their teammates. The bookshelves take up space that could be study rooms. Williams college is having this problem right now. Do they still need books? What does this new generation of learners want and need to become academically successful? e-readers? computers? or just a wi-fi connection? As technology gives people more and more access to information, what people really need is a quiet place to meet and talk to other people to work on their project.

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