Ten Surprising Truths about Video Games and Learning

Have you heard a the ten truths about video games and learning?

According to Paul Gee, there are: 1) feed the learning process, 2)obviate testing, 3)build on experience, 4)redefine teachers as learning designers, 5)teach language through experience, 6)entice kids to love challenges,7)motivate learning,8)teach problem-solving,9)encourage risk-taking, and 10)provide valid learning model for schools.

There is a PBS documentary from Paul Gee on the website as well. The reasoning between the 10 ten truths by Paul Gee is quite interesting and if you’re interested then you should go to the website link below:



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  1. jungnahm89
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 16:17:26

    Since we studied mostly based on Gee’s book, this article was interesting to read. Not only we know that the video games help use to solve problems in complex world, but also there are other aspects that the video games offer. The article explains really well about each truths and this list can be a complement of what we learned through this semester.


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