The Future is…Soon?

A recent article I read from the Huffington Post ponders the incredible advances in computer technology that have occurred in the last half-century.  When it comes to games, our interactions with them requires a “significant intelligence of at least the artificial variety” when it comes to multi-player real-time immersive games.  Intuitively this makes a lot of sense, but it was interesting and a little unsettling to hear of these intelligences becoming more advanced to the point where now “computers can always win” at certain games like chess, checkers, or bridge.  Given the tremendous advances in both media and technology within the past fifty years, it’s very possible “future intelligent systems will then design even more powerful technology, resulting in a dizzying advance that we can only dimly foresee.”  The world of gaming has a symbiotic relationship with the world of science, which makes for an exhilaratingly uncertain century ahead.

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  1. Nick Berlage
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 11:36:08

    This is a very fun observation to make. Especially considering that a mere 20 years ago, there were a small handfull of “computers” in existence, and one fifth of a century later we can hold a microsoft excel file in the palm of our hand via a smartphone. At the rate that tehnology is advancing, is it possible that it is seeminlgy becoming possible that we might see a plateau of development well before the next century mark hits…entering an even more thought-provoking question into the mix. “If we are currently in the age of information and technology, what’s next?”


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