the ties that bind them

Professor William Schmidt is working to change the way children are taught science in school. Science is one of the unique subjects where all the different “topics” are really all interconnected. physics, chemistry, biology all of these are intrinsically tied together as principles from one topic are vital to the workings of the others. All of them build off each other and yet are separated in school. children learn them one at a time, occasionally realizing along the way how they are relearning stuff they learned earlier. Schmidt proposes, in his 8+1 plan, that schools focus more on the concepts behind the world rather than on teaching subjects by the books. These 8 concepts are core pieces of all science subjects and were all discovered using 1 way using the scientific method. Instead of having kids memorize all these facts and stats about organisms and molecules, Schmidt wants them to focus on the concepts behind them focus on how atoms interact, form molecules which form cells which form animals.

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