Violent gamers are bad gamers

I’ve played a lot of games, and I notice various patterns when playing with people. It should be obvious that people have a lot of different levels of competence, and there are different levels of maturity  as well.

I’ve noticed a connection for years: the best players are the more mature players. The people who are really good at video games tend to be more mature, and it only makes sense to me, since you need a lot of discipline to be good at a game.

What I never did, however, was make the connection. We talked about violent video games in class, and I have spent years defending violent video games. I never made the connection.

Someone else did. A study in Sweden suggests that the cause and effect of video games and violence is not just incorrect, but based on a hypothetical situation that doesn’t exist outside of the hypothetical. It turns out that being more mature and working with other people is a huge help with these games, and the people who play those games the most need a lot of maturity and good cooperation skills.

So not only is the link between violence and video games questioned, but the entire framework of that research is now under question. Can we put this entire issue to bed soon?


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