Addictive Video Games

There was aan article done by Media Literacy specialist named, Dr. Charles Undergleider. He wrote about the addiction to video games and what parents should do to try to stop it. He feels that parentas can decrease the addiction to video games by incorporating different activities for the kids to participate in. Reading and playing sports are extra activities that he mentions as peoeple good options rather than playing the video game.

Dr. Undergerleider makes the point that basically parents need to take control and supervise their kids. However, I feel that if they are constantly being supervised by their parents then they will begin to do mischievious things. These michievious things include playing the game when the parents are not home adn spending mulitiple hours on the game. I feel that if parents do not want their children playing violent games then they should not buy them. Typical elementary and middle school children do not have jobs so they are being supplied with the games by their parents. Parents should take the initiative into making sure that the game is age appropriate and for their childen.

The Professor of Computer Science, made teh remark that video games can be positive for children. This is a true statement but I think that all video games can be positive for children. Regardless of the games that a child plays, they will still have to use strategies and crititcal thinking to decide what to do to stay alive and/or get the next level. Bottom line is that it is not the child’s fault if the video game becomes addicitve but the parents because they are in fact the parents and have control of what their kids do.

This article heighlighted a few great points and if you are interested in reading it then please click on the following link:

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