Gaming and Google Glasses [Warning: Mild Violence]

This has got to be the coolest post I’ve made so far. The video above imagines gaming combined with the power of the Google Glasses. If you don’t know what those are, check them out here. When I first saw Google Glasses, I didn’t think about how they could work for video games. But the potential for augmented reality and gameplay is amazing, as evidenced in the above video. We are talking about an entirely new level of realism in gaming. Who knows what could be at stake? Sure- there’s a few issues to tackle…It might be strange to see a bunch of kids running around an abandoned building complex shooting fake guns and what not. But hey- at least it takes the idea of physical game play to new heights. Google Glasses could easily be the cure to childhood obesity (among other things)! This takes the idea of Wii Fitness to an entirely different level. This technology is probably way off in the future, but good to know companies like Google are thinking about it.

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