Hacker School: collaboration unleashed

In school, I found that the classes I learned the most in were the ones where I had to work in a group with some people smarted than me. People that would challenge my ways of doing things and how I thought about problems. This is essentially the idea behind Hacker School, a New York based group which brings together programmers with a passion to program and has them work together for 3 months to create what they want. If accepted to the school, participants gather together 4 times a week for 8 hours a day and code all sorts of projects and in a variety of languages. Learning is done not from lectures and speeches but from collaboration with other schoolmates who have experience in the area. Collaboration is the key as students build off each other as they branch out and try different languages or create additions to open-source projects. This is how I sort of thought college would be before I started. These “incubators” of talent produce some great ideas and really hone skills that have been left unattended by work or undiscovered through college. At hacker school programmers program because they love it and have a vision of something they want to build not for a grade or a paycheck. At Hacker School, there are no grades or classes, only progress.




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