Kinder, Gentler Video Games May Actually Be Good For Players this believable??

I read a recent articles that says how some people believe playing violent video games can make the person playing more aggressive and violent, the opposite can happen as well.  The articles talks about how game players can choose games that will provide a positive experience as well.  An example of a relxing game would be “Endless Ocean”, the articles states.  In this game, players take the role of a scuba diver, exploring an ocean habitat for sea life and sunken treasure.  Along they way, they encounter a variety of marine species during the game, including sharks.  But in this game, these sharks don’t harm the scuba diver, as they might in a violent video game.  Two studeis were done at Ohio State (ew), to see if playing relazing computer games would actually make a person feel more relaxed, and put them in a better mood.  I will paste the link to the article so anyone can read about the studies.

In the end, the results were quite clear, according to the article.  Relaxing video games made people kinder and less aggressive.  Do you believe this??  I’d love to hear comments!

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