What Drives gamers?

What really drives gamers to keep playing? Is it the competitiveness of the levels or the feeling of accomplishment in goal? I feel like a gamer has to have both of those elements to remain in tune with whatever he or she is playing. Some say that a status or reputation has a lot to do with it. That is true because no one wants to be known as a loser or have low stats. No one would want to play you or have you on their team if you have low scores or rankings. It is kind of like life. You won’t get a job if you have had a bad past or dont have the credentials required for it. In a online article I read from (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/what-drives-gamers/723548/), they said that gamers are “engaged and happy”. I believe this is true because if you are not satisfied or find any type of enjoyment in the game, you lose interest. Then you decide to find another game that is more suitable for you. For most creators of games, they look at these key factors of gaming. They want to create something more appealing to someone and yet have a challenge. sometimes it may be the graphics that attracts them or just the game itself. Regardless of whatever it may be, creators look at what will possibly drive this person to play.

-aquashia anderson

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