Rumors of new Gaming Console era?

I was recently talking with a friend about different gaming systems and which one I should invest in. What makes the most sense for my style of gameplay, etc. He told me that rumors have been circulating about the rise of new gaming consoles, the thought of getting rid of media altogether. The idea is based in which the video games would only be downloaded via XBox, PS3, etc rather than being sold in stores. The question arises….what does this mean for video game retailers? By getting rid of tangible media these businesses could eventually go out of business and not exist. More importantly what would this mean for the world of gaming and the gamers within it? There would be no such things as used video games anymore if we can’t simply put a disk in the console. How much exactly would these game cost? Would these games simply be made for each console or only for certain consoles? A lot of problems may arise from this idea of having media only being able to be purchased online. This may make it more difficult for any gamer to buy yet alone afford a video game, seeing as how the price of video games is already huge! This rumor was very intriguing and just brought up many questions. I would like to know if anyone else has any opinion about how this would change the gaming environment, purchasing of games, etc. If this approach were to happen it could be a good thing or potentially a bad thing. Let me know what you guys think!

Angry Birds in Space

As many of you probably know, Angry Birds has now come out with their in space addition. In my opinion it’s pretty awesome. It takes Angry Birds to a whole new level providing a greater challenge to destroy those pigs who stole your eggs! In each level you have to deal with the atmosphere of the “planet” that you are on. Figuring out the new direction to send each bird to maximize the damage all leading up to three stars. Of course it is disappointing to complete a level and not get at least three stars, but at least this game allows you to keep trying and trying to improve your skill and change your tactics. In creating this new edition to the Angry Birds family, the graphics have also improved and the birds have changed appearance a bit. They have also added new elements like space, in which once out there birds have lost all of their abilities. BEWARE OF SPACE. Like all of the other Angry Birds games it is rather addicting and you will be consumed into every level, trying to figure out the best way to gain as much points as possible. I truly think this is one of the best Angry Birds creation. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Apple Products

I’ve recently been exploring the world of gaming via my iphone and I have stumbled upon numerous games that are engaging and mentally stimulating at the same time. One of my top favorite games is Where’s my Water? The goal of this game is to get clean water to the main character Swampy the Alligator who wants to take a shower after a hard days work. This game can be challenging at times when trying to figure out the right way to lead the water. Any wrong move can damage the water, thereby making it dirty and bad for Swampy. When playing the game you wouldn’t realize that you are applying physics! Who would have known that applying physics via game would be so engaging! Because by golly I hate physics! This game provides fun at any time, rather than having to sit down at a computer or in front of your TV you’re able to take out your phone or ipad and play all you want. Here are some pictures of the game. It is ridiculously fun and everyone should try it!

Love this game!

Girlfriends of Gamers

Recently I was shown a very hilarious YouTube video thanks to my boyfriend titled Sh** Gamers Say to Their Girlfriends. (

This video piqued my curiosity as to what pops up on a Google search of ‘being a girlfriend of a gamer’. To my surprise a good amount of interesting pages and videos popped up. I came across two wikiHow pages one being How to Get Your Girlfriend to Play Video Games and How to Juggle a Girlfriend and Video Gaming: 5 Steps.

When reading the first of the two sites, I found the approach of this website to relate more so to the motivational aspect of learning for both the male and female in these scenarios. One key motivational feature I noticed was an extrinsic motivator that the boyfriend would give to his girlfriend. The “make a trade” point is practically convincing the boyfriend that to get her to play video games with you, you can just trade off by giving her a “reward” for playing with you. Honestly, it’s a good idea because it gives the girlfriend motivation to play games with her boyfriend as well as allowing her more time to spend with the boyfriend altogether. It’s a win-win for the girlfriend and the boyfriend, boyfriend plays games, girlfriend gets rewards. Technically both receive rewards.

Another key point that is raised is to have fun when playing with your girlfriend. Girls don’t want to be yelled at when playing with you, especially since they know they aren’t an expert at this game. Thus, making it fun and engaging for the both of you makes it an overall better experience and a good bonding time for everyone involved.

The next wikiHow article takes a different approach. It contains two points focusing on things your girlfriend could be doing while you’re playing video games. Pointing out things that may “distract” your girlfriend while playing a video game. Although these ideas could work, i.e. getting her to develop a new hobby or read/knit while you’re playing games, in my opinion a better approach is to involve your girlfriend rather than excluding her from a hobby that you enjoy so much.

Both of these articles are very interesting and are attached at the bottom. Next time you’re with your girlfriend or boyfriend, include them in your gaming experience and I promise it will be fun.