Draw Something, Draw Anything

According to the New York Times article, “A Game Explodes and Changes Life Overnight at a Struggling Start-Up,” Draw Something is the newest “it” game for smart phones.  Draw something essentially became an overnight sensation and a money maker for the employees of Omgpop, which was recently bought out by a larger company, Zynga, for $180 million.

Draw Something is a social game and is essentially a one-on-one game of virtual Pictionary.  The game gives you three options of words you can draw, differing in difficulty, for your opponent to guess.  As a result, you are rewarded with more coins for picking the most challenging word to draw.  People have been posting real examples of their sketches to Facebook, Twitter, and other blogging sites, which has vastly increased the popularity of the game.

Omgpop was started as a joke, states found Charles Forman.  He had intended the site for sheer entertainment, until he realized people were visiting the site more than expected.  Though, Omgpop would have likely shut down, due to its lack of revenue, if it weren’t for the hit sensation, Draw Something.

Draw Something is a game played at one’s convenience, which seems like a necessary criteria for games these days, as people are always on the move.  There is no time limit on when the player must guess/draw a word, and it allows you to play against your own friends, or random players if your friends do not have the game.  Additionally, there is no winner and no loser and the game never ends, unless chosen to by the players.

Draw Something is encouraging and motivating, which can likely be accredited to its current success.  The first time you play Draw Something, you start out with four basic colors.  However, as you achieve more coins, by correctly guessing and drawing words, you are able to purchase more colors in order to ease your ability to successfully draw your chosen word.  What makes the game even more appealing is that it is free, with ads, or merely $0.99 to get the ad-free version.

Everyone and their mothers are playing Draw Something.  Literally, my mother just found out about this game and is hooked.  When anything technological becomes popular with the older generation, that’s when you know they’re doing something right.  Draw Something is topping the Apple App Store charts, and you should find out why.

Source:  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/26/technology/draw-something-changes-the-game-quickly-for-omgpop.html?_r=2&pagewanted=2&ref=technology