What Drives gamers?

What really drives gamers to keep playing? Is it the competitiveness of the levels or the feeling of accomplishment in goal? I feel like a gamer has to have both of those elements to remain in tune with whatever he or she is playing. Some say that a status or reputation has a lot to do with it. That is true because no one wants to be known as a loser or have low stats. No one would want to play you or have you on their team if you have low scores or rankings. It is kind of like life. You won’t get a job if you have had a bad past or dont have the credentials required for it. In a online article I read from (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/what-drives-gamers/723548/), they said that gamers are “engaged and happy”. I believe this is true because if you are not satisfied or find any type of enjoyment in the game, you lose interest. Then you decide to find another game that is more suitable for you. For most creators of games, they look at these key factors of gaming. They want to create something more appealing to someone and yet have a challenge. sometimes it may be the graphics that attracts them or just the game itself. Regardless of whatever it may be, creators look at what will possibly drive this person to play.

-aquashia anderson

Call of Duty on the Wii

I own a wii at home and would love to experience call of duty on the wii one day. It seems cool and very exciting. Here is a video of some of the things.

I feel like it would be much harder to control compared to a other game consoles that use a controller with easy to use buttons and are built for that type of gameplay.

PC vs Console

I never liked playing games on the computer, but playing the virtual game from class was a big change. I honestly felt a little connected and I actually knew how people addicted to computer games felt. However, I felt it was a little to slow as far as waiting for my avatar to move or fly or just construct some type of building. I would rather play at home games with a console because everything loads quicker and doesn’t freeze up as much or at all.

Today, online console games are quite common, with Microsoft’s Xbox Live service leading the way. Sony also has big plans for online content for the PlayStation 3, and consoles are now starting to get game downloads and other applications formerly only available on the PC, such as Web browsers. A few titles can now be played across platforms, such as Final Fantasy XI, in which PS2, Xbox 360, and PC users explore the same online world.

However, PC always offer more games online than a console would ever. Consoles perform only one task really well, where PCs can be used for an extremely wide range of things. Some console manufacterers are trying to make them a little more flexible, but it will clearly be a long time before they support the staggering variety of applications that can be found for PCs.

PCs are always on the cutting edge of gaming technology. The current generation of consoles with high-definition capabilities did briefly narrow the gap, but well-equipped PCs continue to offer superior graphics. Computer monitors can be found with considerably higher resolutions than HDTVs, and the latest multi-core processors and dual GPU solutions make it possible to build a remarkably powerful game system. Even if a console offers incredible technology upon its release, there is no way for it to compete with the rapid hardware advancements that have become a way of life in the computer industry.

-Aquashia Anderson

Call of Duty: Black Ops

It is my first time playing a first person shooter game and it is amazing. It was a little difficult at first because i never used an XBox. It  has always been a Playstation 2 or 3 etc. After getting use to the controls I found out that I am very violent in the game of COD. The first day I began playing, I was running around killing people and I found joy in it. I could not stop playing the game and remained on the console for plenty of hours. I really enjoyed the online play because you are playing with experts and some people just flat-out suck…like i did when i first began playing. I died so much in less than 10 secs from spawning. I am sure my teammates were pissed at me, but who cares. However, the best way I learned was from being defeated or killed in the story mode. It is like a walk through of the game, but very helpful. If you are just so skilled, you can go to the expert level and probably die from one shot. I didn’t want to play with easiest level so I tried normal which wasnt so bad, but it was challenging. I think the challenge is what kept me engaged and wanting to pursue through each chapter. I would love to  recommend this game. I am actually anxious to go buy Modern Warfare 3 and continue my COD journey on the Xbox.

-Aquashia Anderson

Cheating on Call of Duty:Black Ops

I tried to use cheat codes and skip my way through the game. It sucks! The cheats took all the fun out of the game and made everything so boring. Imagine having cheat codes to skip through your life. Wouldn’t you have wanted to experience every phase and enjoy the journey? Of course! That is how I feel about COD. Skipping through the chapters or intel only makes me feel less accomplished. I am no longer motivated to compete with the computer. All the excitement of losing or falling short is no longer there because there are now shortcuts to avoid suffering. You learn through failure, but you cannot learn through succeeding through everything you attempt. I wasnt able to know what weapons were for specific uses or just knowing how to use them in general. My thrill of the game was lost. I do not see how people would rather cheat their way through a game or life and feel like they have honor or deserve to be recognized from their efforts, when the real question is what effort? what did you do on you own?

Games are changing the world


The Violence Skits

I really enjoyed how the class participated in the violence skits. Everyone was very creative and I felt that there was competition between every group. I really liked how one of the groups had everyone acting and playing a part so no one was just standing around doing nothing. I loved my group and how we had to incorporate Professor Fisherman as  the speaker. It was hilarious how one of my group members quoted and said similar things that he would really say during class. I hope we could do another skit again or next year they continue to get better.

-Aquashia Anderson

Go team Operation Unthinkable

Free online game website

Hello everyone… I just wanted to let others know there is a website called   http://www.physicsgames.com/ that allows you to play some free online games when you are bored. I found it rather addicting and challenging especially with Super Stacker 2. And trust, you guys do not need to sign up to play the games. All you have to do is just click and play instantly. Well that is all… Enjoy!