Video Games and Learning in NY Times

This past weekend I was on my computer catching up on current news in the New York Times when I found a very relevant article about video games and learning. The article discusses how video games in learning is a new modern idea that many people are having a hard time accepting due to the current perception of video games. Video games are often viewed as a distraction that detours kids from learning and getting their work done. However as our knowledge about these games and how to incorporate learning into them advances that assumption becomes less and less valid. As time goes on video games will become more beneficial to learning than they already are because we will improve them and they will teach children more than now. Video games and games in general engage kids more than just basic methods of learning and there is untapped potential of what we can do with them. One of the teachers interviewed talks about how the kids making their own types of learning games is helpful and a powerful tool that helps kids learn and betters their education. I am in favor of video games as a new way of learning and think the future of education could rely on them.