Women and The Sims

When I first started reading the Gee book, he mentioned that women made up the majority of The Sims players. As both a woman and an avid Sims fan, this made me wonder why? I have been playing The Sims since the original deployment of the game in 2000. I have all the expansion packs for The Sims, five of the expansion packs for The Sims 2, and I have The Sims 3 installed on my laptop here at school and The Sims 3: Pets for PS3. Whatever it is that has women hooked on the game has sure got ahold of me.

After spending the weekend trying to figure out how they got my attention and STILL hold it, I figured out what that game has that many other do not. It allows me to play God. Moreover, it permits me to play God in my own life. I can set up a sim that looks like me and has my name and have myself marry whom ever I wish. I am then allowed to live out my life in whatever way I wish – even in ways that would never be possible in real life. Though the object of my affection has changed throughout the years, the Sims always allowed it.

Girls always want to plan and fantasize about their future, even at a young age. The Sims is an outlet to live out ones entire fantasized life whereas without it the best one can do is imagination. That is what I have decided is the main reason The Sims has held my and so many other women’s attention so long. We can live out fantasies and not have to worry what anyone thinks. Do any other Simmers have any other reasons they love the game?