Video Game Movies

Why have I not seen a good movie based on a video game? I started thinking about this when we were working Gee’s principles. Are there principle in the game that become lost when the films turn the games into a Hollywood spectacle? It is just so weird that popular video games can bomb so hard at the box office. I personally have found some these movies entertaining while others were fair at best. Thoughts?

When games become our reality

wouldn’t it be fun to live life as your favorite video game character? This a really fun youtube video that kind of hits on what it is to play through Mario. Enjoy!

Game similar to GamestarMechanic

My roommate sent this link to me and found it kind of interesting

it is a game like Gamestar Mechanic but more social network focussed.


The Takeover of the Online Game

As I sat in lecture today and we talked about motivation and what makes someone keep coming back to a game, I sat puzzled in my seat thinking about the online video game. What makes these so popular?

We all play Candystand, Addictinggames, and Sporcle multiple times a day. What keeps us coming back? why do we play the simple games day in and day out? What makes them addicting?

3D Video Games???

A couple of days ago, I posted an entry about motion games and their new place in the video game world.

However, I was reading Entertainment Weekly and learned of the new phenomenon that is going to sweep the nation: The 3D video game. In case you do not know what I am talking about, see the article below:

This  3D thing is getting a little ridiculous. How much more do we need? Nintendo obviously thinks this could be a big hit but I am a little skeptical with prices as all 3D products are expensive.

Motion Games: The Future of Video Games???

As someone that has been playing video games from a very young age, I have seen the NHL games of Sega Genesis all the way up to the Madden games of the Wii. However, this new movement in the video game world is something that I find very troubling.

When the Wii first came out, it was a revolutionary idea. People could actually move around and play video games while their character on the screen would mimic their every physical move. This was the coolest thing for me: I could play baseball or bowl by actually imitating the motion.

Sadly, as I enter Best Buy or Target now a days, I have seen (as I am sure many of you have) that Xbox, PS3, and other future gaming systems have picked up on this motion idea.

I would like to pose 2 questions:

1) Does this influx of motion on gaming systems spell the end for something like the Wii? Personally, I think the Wii will remain a leader in the motion-gaming world because it has a more family-friendly focus than the other systems. However, the violent games do tend to tell so more so Nintendo may need to up the ante.

2) Is this the future of video games? Are we about to be freed of the joystick and circle, triangle, and square buttons and ushered into the world of the nunchuck? Furthermore, could things like a Mii and other types of Avatar just replace human interaction altogether (think the movie Surrogates). I feel that bowling alleys, parks, or any other form of entertainment could take a hit the same way Blockbuster and Hollywood Video did with the Netflix explosion because why go play outside when you could play the game in front of a TV?
Please comment back because I would like to hear some feedback on this as I know there are many schools of thought on this issue. See everyone tomorrow!