Video Games in College: Distraction or Motivation?

First time blog-poster here. I’d like to share a little bit about how videogames have helped shaped my college study habits. Additionally, I’m going to share a few pictures of my living room which is the ultimate videogame Man Cave. Here’s the first picture:

As you can see we have: Two N64’s, Two Wii’s, an SNES, an NES (in the top right drawer), a box full of crap, and a TV that weights 150 lbs. However, notice the little caesar’s pizza boxes in the back corner.  As you can see in the next picture they’re filled with old games from our childhood.

When “Video-Game-James” brought these pizza boxes  into our house I was afraid of being self-absorbed in nostalgic gaming. Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong 64, Turok. Zelda! But in comparison to my freshman year (when we logged over 500 hours in Super Smash Bros. Brawl) this is hardly the case. Facebook, in my case, distracts me more than this 1337 collection. In fact they urge me (and presumably my rooomates) to work harder, that way when we get a day off we can splurge without regret.  Here is the other half of the room:

Again. Distraction at it’s finest. *Note that we’re streaming Toonami shows off Video-Game-James’ laptop onto the OTHER TV in the room. (If you’re wondering where the Xbox is, it’s in the other room. I wanted to preserve the room in the orginal condition when taking these pictures)

Teacher’s that try to make learning fun should be careful (I’m agreeing with Stoll here), because it can easily lead to the student undervaluing their lessons. Once this happens, the motivation will be gone and students will no longer care (assuming they cared to begin with).  Luckily my roommates and I are very diligent workers, so we don’t let video games – or each other – get in the way of our studies. In fact while I’ve been writing this blog post they left me alone ’cause they want me to finish this before midnight so I can get maximum points this semester XD.

Two copies of 007. No big deal. We seem to have doubles of a lot of games for some reason.

So I think I’ll stick to this corner of the house this semester. It appeals to the more productive part of myself. Though, I could go for some Pokemon Stadium right about now…