MLB 12 The Show

For anyone interested in baseball and video games, this is a link to a preview for MLB 12 The Show. It is rated the best baseball game and sometimes the best sports game year in and year out. I was searching for information about the game, and one thing I found was a video tour type thing of the Miami Marlins new ballpark. We recently talked about attention to detail in graphics in class, and this is a very good example. This game nails every little detail about every stadium (except that any advertisements are changed to be promoting fictional companies.) Also, I feel like some sports games fail to demonstrate as clearly the elements of motivation and learning that we talk about in class, but this one does a good job. It has a mode where you create a player that starts out in the minor leagues, but works his way up as you distribute his “training points” and work to meet goals your manager sets for you over about a three week period. Below I will post the link to the Miami Marlins video.