Have you heard about “gamification”?

Well, it seems that the interest in games is growing in different areas. Those leading activities that require people’s motivation to complete tasks that can seem boring, repetitive, or complex to solve want to take advantage of game features to engage and help to solve problems. For instance, marketing companies that need committed respondents for surveys, are giving them badges and other rewards to keep motivation high. What they do is to embed some features of game design in their activities, using game theory to achieve their goals. This is what is called “gamification” and as we have seen in EDUC222 is a process that has reached the educational arena. But for some people, the term seems too narrow, and using badges to engage people in participating in a discussion is just one part of all the possibilities that games can offer to improve opportunities for learning.

Check out this list of the 5 top sites about game based learning, and read critically! What do you think about gamification? Is this a fair term to describe what we have been discussing about video games and learning?