The Humble Bundle – Games that can teach and help those in need

Just thought I’d share this.  You can go to and purchase a bundle of indie games.  You can pay however much you want, and split up how much you choose to pay between going to charity, the game developers, or the folks at  The main purpose of is to raise money for Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation, and you can choose to give all of however much you choose to pay for the charities.

They have various bundles that they offer throughout the year, with time limits for the availability of each bundle.  I took advantage of the Holiday special in December which included about 15 small, indie games that were surprisingly fun and educational.  I can’t speak to the games in this bundle, but I definitely recommend getting a bundle, if not simply just to support the charities.

So yeah… Get a bunch of games for however much you want to pay for them, and support charity while doing it.  Win, win.