Gaming’s Greatest Romances

In honor of the upcoming Valentines Day, I thought the following article was more than appropriate:

Video game character romances do more than provide a counterpart to a game’s beloved character. The story behind the main character helps the player establish some sort of connection with the game. Just as an actor needs to establish adequate motivation in order to be able to connect to the character they are playing emotionally and therefore physically (in their portrayal), game players need to establish adequate motivation to connect to the character they are playing and therefore find motivation to figure out/ beat the game. In the classic “damsel in distress” scenario, Mario isn’t just running through challenges, jumping through hoops, and battling bosses for no reason; he is doing so because poor, beautiful, Princess Peach is waiting to be rescued at the end of the game.

From Mr. and Mrs. PacMan to Alan Wake and his wife Alice, video game romances provide players with a character background story they can potentially relate to, sympathize with, connect to, or even simply recognize as a part of the character story. Video game romances allows us to connect to the characters as we do to people in every day life, by humanizing them; game characters have love lives too!