The Addictiveness of Skyrim

It’s been 9 years since I’ve found as addicting a game as Knights of The Old Republic for Xbox, and I must say that Skyrim has taken the cake. Going on 20 years of age, I’ve found myself regressing to pre-adolescent habits of hours upon hours of gameplay, delving myself into a fantasy world of limitless possibilities. I bought the game Skyim on its release date in November of 2011, and since then I’ve probably logged more hours playing Skyrim than I have spent sleeping. I honestly believe there has yet to been a game, with the exception of World of Warcraft that has drawn so many various people, hardcore gamers to casual ones into a cycle of countless hours of gameplay. Before Skyrim I wouldn’t even call myself a casual gamer. I probably averaged and hour or 2 a week. After Skyrim I average an hour or 2 a morning, then another 2 hours in the afternoon, and then maybe another 2 during the time I should be sleeping. I believe the root of the addiction lies in Skyrim’s ability to give Players full range of control. Many games in Skyrim’s category have had open worlds, but like a game of Tether ball, the game only goes so far. Skyrim cuts the cord, and lets players literally do whatever they want, while also providing a fun and exciting quest.