Funny Post

I thought this post would be very funny to you guys because i know each of us have had some type of funny or embarrassing moment while playing video games after being so tied in to what was going on….but this may be toooooo far lmao…enjoy guys

Temple Run

How many of my fellow classmates have played this game…This game is simply available for iphone, ipod, and ipad users at the moment. Im pretty sure there is an app for android users also or at least there is one being developed. This game is very addicting to me. This game consist of numerous amount of characters you can use. The more coins and points you get, the better the person you can get. You can also get coin magnets, boost, mega coin, invisibility etc. These things can all be earned by coins whixh will increase your chances and objective to run. One important note to know, is that there is no finish line, so this game is very intense and competitive and can be very addicting….i think we all should check it out…here is more info about it at this link