Scott McCloud Ted Talk

Here’s the link to the Ted Talk Professor Fishman mentioned in class:

He talks about comics. Starts out kind of depressing but picks up from there I found it pretty interesting.

Who Done it?

Reminiscing on the semester that was I remembered the lecture we had on research methods, specifically the video we saw about the two teams passing the basketball and you were supposed to count how many passes there were.  But did you notice the bear?  This video is a great example of being too focused on one idea and forgetting the big picture.  The only problem now is that it’s too old.

Like most other people in the class, by the time Professor Fishman asked us in class I had already seen the video multiple times.  Still appreciating the simplistic genius of the clip I wanted to find another video describing that idea but one that hasn’t reached the popularity of the nonchalant bear.  So I went to the only reliable source that’s left… the internet. After searching YouTube for a little while I came across another video that take the bear to the next level.  It’s called Who done it? And it starts in the classic detective scene.  There has just been a murder and the detective has just rounded up all the suspects and has begun to question them, asking what they were doing when the man was murdered.  Your job is to listen to the suspects tell their stories and figure out who done it.  Sounds simple enough so why don’t you try for yourself: