FINALLY, after 6 long years, I beat “Fury of the Storm” on Stepmania!

I think there’s something said about persistence… For those of you who know me, you should know that I have been a Stepmania player for a long time. Stepmania is a rhythm based Dance Dance Revolution simulator that you can play on pad (like DDR) or on the keyboard (for much harder songs). I have been playing since early highschool and I have been on and off in college (mostly because this game is a HUGE time drain).

Throughout my Stepmania playing career, I have gotten pretty damn good, but I have never been able to beat a certain Dragonforce song “Fury of the Storm”. For those of you who aren’t metalheads out there, Dragonforce is notoriously known for their ridiculously fast solos and drumming (they recorded their demo completely on a drum machine, because no musician could keep up when they sent it in!) I’m not exactly sure which learning principle came into play for me when I beat this level, but I think the fact that I took a brief hiatus from the game actually changed my perspective on how to tackle several of the levels.

I didn’t Fraps the victory (I got a C, but I still beat it! Thaor, the player in the video, got a AAA, which is rather inhuman), but here’s a youtube video showing the level. Just FYI: This is at least 6x as hard as it is on Guitar Hero!:

My forearms hurt pretty bad right now.