Apple and education

Today I have read that Apple has sent out invitations for one of their events. The company slogan for the event is “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple”. It will be hosted at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on Thursday, January 19. There are rumors that the event will mostly be about textbooks and their digital distribution. The New York Times reporters claim that there will be no new hardware announcements.

It seems to me that we will soon have access to most of the textbooks through iPads. I think it can be  great information because  it will help to reduce the cost of textbooks, which are very high. I would prefer to pay more money for an iPad, a one time cost, and then save money on the textbooks. Also it can increase the chance that more people see the iPad as a device that can combine gaming and educational functions. This will definitely lead to developing more educational games and software not only for the iPad but also other mobile devices.

What is more, it could be a great solution for all the students who have troubles getting their textbooks at the local bookstore. Can you imagine a better way of getting a textbook you need to do your first homework than just downloading it on your iPad straight from the Apple Store? Well, I can’t, and that’s why I am excited to see what Apple will show on January 19.