An Interesting Simulation

Currently I am taking not one but two education classes at the university. One, most obviously, is education 222, but the other, not as well known is education 462 about the Arab-Israeli conflict. This course takes “simulation” to a completely different level.

Simulation, as we have spoken about in class, is video game based with an emphasis on real events. Now this is similar to what we do in EDUC 462, but with a spin on the “game” theory. This is not a traditional video game simulation as many know and play daily, but in fact it is an educational conflict simulation connecting college students to high school students.

What we do in this class is serve as a “mentor” for high school students who are assigned to a nation and, more specifically, a diplomat who they will be portraying throughout the simulation. The students begin by providing an overall statement of the goals of the nation, and our job as mentors is to provide feedback to the students, providing them with points of emphasis and places to learn.

Throughout the simulation the mentors and diplomats converse back and forth regularly while depicting actual events in a simulated world. The educational experience is unbelievable and is something that is invaluable to these students in high school who have a college student mentoring them.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as those who are interested in how simulations are used in classroom activities.